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Corporate Values

Corporate Values Corporate Values Corporate Values Corporate Values
Code of Values

This Code of Values is a specific statement of the principles, values and behavioural guidelines that the companies comprising the Corporation in general and all their members in particular should abide by and actively promote.

Code of Values

Corporate Values
Guarantee: “Origin and Tradition”

We look after and display our identity with pride: a firm which is a century old, family-run, Galician, brewers by tradition, with vast experience that becomes a guarantee. Everything we do nurtures these values and generates credibility and trust, in other words, prestige.

Proximity: Business environment

We demonstrate our will to satisfy market expectations (of both national and international clients), detecting and understanding their needs, and in turn adapting our processes and organisation to surpass their expectations.

Cutting-edge: Innovation

Innovation is a central element in our tradition and in our future. We aspire to be at the forefront with our products and our services. Research, imagination, creation and improvement allow us to develop and pave new routes.

Generators: Value and Wealth

We generate wealth for our shareholders, employees, clients, collaborators and the regions in which we work, both in terms of progress and socio-economic improvement of our surroundings.

Excellence: Activities

The desire for constant improvement continues in the activities carried out in order to face the challenge of offering the best products and services, always attempting to surpass the expectations of our clients and collaborators, paying attention to the smallest of details.

Integrity: Ethical Behaviour

From the very beginning, we have encouraged ethical business behaviour and social responsibility in our environment, be it with our society, shareholders, employees, clients or suppliers.

People and teams: Development

We encourage the professional and personal development of our employees, based on a culture of openness, and participation in which they can work with optimism, respect and collaboration. We believe that talent, teamwork and commitment are the key to our success.

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