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Social commitment

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The quest for excellence in the heart of the Company (people, working conditions, and high quality productive processes) and its environs (the environment), with a special emphasis on a commitment to competitiveness and socioeconomic development (surroundings, community, country), all within the context of our operations.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility policy has led us to develop initiatives that align our social and environmental values with excellence in our business units.

Always in search of top quality in our productive processes, as well as excellence in the heart of the company, in its people, and in its working conditions.

All of this we do to benefit property, professionals, and our clients and products, both nationally as well as in the communities in which we operate.

Our CSR policy follows a strategy that is tied to our values, which thereby enables us not only to appropriately assess our investment but to make it more effective and targeted.


  • The Harvest Market

    “The Harvest Market” is a Corporación Hijos de Rivera, Gadis and R initiative aimed at driving competitiveness in Galicia through the socioeconomic development of rural areas. Guided by the principles of innovation, quality, and sustainability, The Harvest Market offers a series of joint actions designed to serve as a lever for development in a generation of rural Galician environmental wealth, as well as to add value to what is “ours”.

  • Co-cooking

    The Hijos de Rivera Co-Cooking programme is a training initiative geared toward students and professionals of the restaurant industry that aims to place value on the great potential of Galician cuisine, along with the excellence of our local products.

    This programme’s main objective is to contribute to the training and education of highly-qualified professionals by empowering an exchange of knowledge that places value on Galicia’s great culinary potential as one of our community’s tourist attractions.

  • Volunteering

    The Corporación Hijos de Rivera Volunteer Team was created to channel the spirit of solidarity of our employees, who are the programme’s true protagonists. Our volunteers, all of their own accord and united by the same social injustices, organise and run humanitarian activities that are sponsored and supported by the company and which help to better our society.

  • Fundations

    Cooperation with the third sector is part of Corporación Hijos de Rivera, S.L.’s Corporate Social Responsibility. By donating products and funds, the group works alongside various associations within the communities in which it operates. This demonstrates its commitment to help underprivileged sectors.

  • Environmental Declaration

    The current environmental declaration maintains and reaffirms the Company’s Environmental Policy, which is based on a commitment to prevent pollution, to foster the development and adoption of new technologies, and to implement preventive measures aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of our activities.

    See Environmental declaration

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