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General Information

In order to better understand our clients, we have entered into the world of catering with different concepts and brands that respond to consumer needs, allowing us to test new products and services directly at the point of sale.

Through brands like Estrella de Galicia, La Tita Rivera and Bares y Estrellas, the company is present in the catering sector in a number of Spanish cities (A Coruña, Vigo and Madrid) as well as in the Philippines. Three business models where consumers can personally know our company and enjoy the quality of our products.

Estrella de Galicia


  • Company name: Giste Cervecera S.L.U.
  • Main Office: C/Jose M. Rivera Corral, 6-15008 La Coruña.
  • Telephone: 981 901 906
  • Web:
Estrella Galicia Coruña

Hijos de Rivera makes its mark in the catering sector with its Estrella Galicia bars in A Coruña, Vigo and Madrid. These bars are the ambassadors of our brands, especially our cerveza de bodega. Fresh beer, unpasteurised and straight out of the brewery, accompanied by a wide dining choice based on product quality, in line with company philosophy.

La Cerveceria in Cuatro Caminos (A Coruña) perfectly represents the beginning of this project. Located in the very place where the first Estrella Galicia brewery was founded in 1906, it is an essential stop in the city that has seen generations of coruñeses. An old kettle is the focal point of the bar, filling it with flavour and history and where over half a million beers are served every year.

  • A Coruña Brewery
    C/ Concepción Arenal, 10
    15006 A Coruña
    Telephone: 981 291 819

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La Tita Rivera


  • Company name: Bares & Estrellas Food Services S.L.
  • Main Office: Calle Pérez Galdós, 4  28004 Madrid 
  • Telephone: 915 221 890
  • Web:

Custom Drinks is the majority shareholder in Bares y Estrellas Food Services S.L, a company that runs this modern bar located right in the centre of Madrid, and which is a central meeting point for our clients.

Characterised by a careful design, by Desymo, the décor is based on a market style and recycled furniture. Opening up to the street, it reaches out to urbanites and trendy clients. The premises are thought of as a point of interest in themselves.

La Tita Rivera offers its clients a wide range of products by the group, focusing on the new formats developed by Custom Drinks. Within the culinary offer, the new concept of pinchos, “casis”, small bread rolls filled with a variety of deconstructed dishes, attract the attention.

  • La Tita Rivera Madrid
    Calle Pérez Galdós, 4
    28004 Madrid
    Telephone: 915 221 890

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  • La Tita Rivera Vigo
    Plaza Compostela, 17
    36201 Vigo, Pontevedra
    Telephone: 886 117 267

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  • La Tita Rivera Portiño (A Coruña)
    Lugar Puerto de San Pedro, 2,
    15011 A Coruña
    Telephone:981 908 304

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Further information

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