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Agua Fontarel

Agua Fontarel Agua Fontarel Agua Fontarel


  • Company name: Aguas El Pilar S.L.
  • Main Office: Manantial El Pilar
    Paraje de Plines s/n. CP 18300 Loja (Granada)
  • Start of Activity: 2011
  • Production: 51 million litres (2018)
  • Employees: 17
  • Telephone: 956 18 61 63
  • Contact:
  • Web:

Cómo llegar Quality Fontarel

General information

Fontarel is born in Loja (Granada). That is where the “El Pilar” spring can be found, in the centre of Andalusia, on the mountainside of Sierra Gorda and of San Jorge. It is from here that this weak mineralisation water with a balanced composition and of an exceptional quality emerges.

At the Fontarel plant, located in this area of Granada, around 44 million litres of this water are bottled annually. The spring has a capacity of more than 240 million litres and a safeguard zone of 330 hectares.

Hijos de Rivera has bottled Fontarel water since 2014 when the company decided to increase its business in the mineral water sector, and closed an agreement for the purchase of 100% Aguas El Pilar S.L., owner of the brand. With this acquisition, Hijos de Rivera strengthens its commitment to mineral water with its third abstraction and mineral water bottling company.

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