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Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution

General information

The ability to serve all these products requires reliable distribution services. A constant flow of hundreds of vehicles provides the highest quality customer service to our clients in Spain, and the establishing of our business model in target countries (China, Japan, USA, Philippines, and Brazil) allows a closer relationship to develop, and the adaptation to foreign markets.

  • Distribution in Spain & Portugal
    • Sales Offices

      Our sales offices offer a door-to-door service.

      A Coruña Office

      Pol. Ind. Pocomaco Primeira Avenida, 68
      15190 A Coruña POCOMACO,
      Tel.: 981 914 481
      Mobile: 647 396 414
      Fax: 981 138 293

      Andalucía Office

      Avda. de la Innovación, nº 1 (Edificio Singular, módulos 8 y 9)
      Parque Científico Tecnológico AgroIndustrial de Jerez
      11591 Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz
      Tel.: 856 818 409
      Mobile: 690 996 274
      Fax: 856 818 411

      Asturias/León Office

      C/Carmen, 7 planta 1ª - oficina 6
      Tel.: 987 240 033
      Mobile: 610 404 117
      Fax.: 987 236 396

      Baleares Office

      Polígono Son Fuster C/ Ter, 27 - 1º Derecha - Despacho 9
      07709 Palma de Mallorca
      Tel.: 647 396 478
      Mobile: 647 396 478

      Cataluña Office

      C/ Cromo, 1 Esc B - Despacho D
      08907 Hospitalet de Llobregat
      Tel.: 93 264 00 82
      Mobile: 670 522 338
      Fax: 93 263 51 13

      Ferrol Office

      Pol. Ind. Vilar do Colo Rúa Mareira Parcela R-2
      15621 Cabanas, A Coruña
      Tel.: 981 433 357
      Mobile: 600 968 422
      Fax: 981 433 365

      Levante Office

      Pol. Ind. L´Andana Ronda de la Quimica, S/N
      Edif. ABM2 Planta 4ª Oficina 1
      Paterna 46980
      Tel.: 962 111 796
      Mobile: 626 103 853

      North Levante Office

      Tel: 962 111 796
      Mobile: 689 573 701

      South Levante (Alicante) Office

      Tel: 962 111 796
      Mobile: 626 009 391

      Delegación Lugo

      Pol. Ind. O Ceao
      Rúa Panadeiras, Parcela 2 - Rueiro B
      27003 Lugo
      Tel.: 982 810 550
      Mobile: 600 968 409
      Fax: 982 814 095

      Madrid Office

      Avd. De Las Morcilleras, 45.
      28341 Valdemoro
      Tel.: 916 927 636 ( Mobile: 686 544 278 )
      Mobile: 670 450 754
      Fax: 916 706 063

      Orense Office

      Pol. Ind. San Cibrao
      C/ 13 Parcela 43 - Nuevo Sector C
      32901 San Cibrao das Viñas - Ourense
      Tel.: 988 608 004
      Mobile: 600 968 411
      Fax: 988 608 005

      Pontevedra Office

      Pol. Ind. Barro - Meis, Parc. 12 - 14
      36692 Curro (Pontevedra)
      Tel.: 986 833 165 - 6
      Mobile: 610 752 442
      Fax: 986 871 502

      Santiago Office

      Pol. Ind. Costa Vella, Calle Lituania, 14
      15707 - Santiago de Compostela
      Tel.: 981 519 960
      Mobile: 600 968 423
      Fax: 981 576 675

      Valladolid Office

      Pol. Ind. San Cristóbal C/ Oro, 34- 2ª plant/ Oficinas A y B
      Tel.: 983 398 629
      Mobile: 610 509 783
      Fax: 983 398 653

      Vigo Office

      Ctra de Peinador-Redondela, 96. LG. De Infesta
      36815 Redondela
      Tel.: 986 488 294
      Mobile: 600 968 426
      Fax: 986 498 896

      Canarias Office

      Mobile: 677 900 732

      Extremadura Office

      Mobile: 696 813 714

      Málaga Office

      Mobile: 619 573 862

      North Office

      C/ Egaña 17, Piso 2º - Oficina 3
      48010 Bilbao, Vizcaya
      Mobile: 677 900 734

      Portugal Office

      Tel: (+351) 969 211 193

      Mariña Lucense

      Parque Empresarial de Fazouro Parcela 25
      27789 Foz, Lugo

    • Logistics Centres

      In order to be able offer coverage throughout the country, we have completed our logistics centres network with companies in strategic locations.

      Logistics Centre A Coruña

      Pol. Ind. Pocomaco Primeira Avenida, 68
      15190 A Coruña
      Tel.: 981 914 481 / 2
      Fax: 981 138 293

      Logistics Centre A Coruña (II)

      Pol. Ind. Pocomaco Quinta Avenida, 41
      15190 A Coruña
      Tel: 881 993 682

      Logistics Centre Ferrol

      Pol. Ind. Vilar do Colo. Rúa Mareira, parcela R - 2
      15621 Cabañas - A Coruña
      Tel.: 981 433 357
      Fax: 981 433 365

      Logistics Centre Lugo

      Pol. Ind. Ceao - Rúa das Panadeiras, Parcela 2 - Rueiro B
      27003 Lugo
      Tel.: 982 810 550
      Fax: 982 814 095

      Logistics Centre Madrid

      Polígono La Estación C/ Albatros, 27 A
      28320 Pinto, Madrid
      Mobile: 636 754 954

      Logistics Centre Málaga

      Manuel Franco Cubeiro
      (Parque Empresarial El Pinillo), 21
      29620 , Torremolinos , Málaga

      Logistics Centre Ourense

      Pol. Ind. San Cibrao das Viñas
      C/ 13 Parcela 43 - Nuevo Sector C
      32901 San Cibrao das Viñas - Ourense
      Tel.: 988 608 004
      Fax: 988 608 005

      Logistics Centre Pontevedra

      Pol. Ind. Barro - Meis, Parc. 12 - 14 36692 Curro - Barro (Pontevedra)
      Tel.: 986 833 165 - 6
      Mobile: 610 752 442
      Fax: 986 871 502

      Logistics Centre Santiago

      Pol. Ind. Costa Vella, Calle Lituania, 14
      15707 - Santiago de Compostela
      Tel.: 981 519 960
      Mobile: 600 968 423
      Fax: 981 576 675

      Logistics Centre Vigo

      Ctra de Peinador-Redondela 96. LG. De Infesta
      36815 Redondela
      Tel.: 986 488 294
      Fax: 986 498 896

    • Distribution of leading brands

      Our logistics network in Galicia allows us to distribute leading brands which complete our product offer for the catering industry

      Concentrated juice brand, offering a wide range of flavours and easily recognisable thanks to its famous dimpled bottles. The products are made by using fruits from all over the world.

      Red Bull Energy Drink is a functional drink, made to increase performance. Thanks to its unique formula, Red Bull Energy Drink vitalises both body and mind.

      A benchmark product in the soluble cocoa category in Spain, it is unique and well-loved because of its unmistakable taste and texture. The trademark and production belong to Nutrexpa.

      The wines produced at the Retuerta Monastery demonstrate a clear commitment to terroir wines. Its products include Abadía de Retuerta Selección Especial, Abadía de Retuerta Petit Verdot, Abadía de Retuerta Le Domaine, Pago Valdebellón, Pago Negralada, Pago Garduña.

      Cillar de Silos is a Spanish family-owned winery, dedicated to the noble grape of Ribera del Duero, Tempranillo.

      Vallobera is the personal project of the San Pedro Ortega family that began to take shape at the start of the 1990s. Our products include Vallobera Crianza, Reserva and El Marido de mi Amiga.

      Erdinger is the world?s largest wheat beer brewery. Its classic wheat beer, Erdinger Weissbier, as well as the varieties Dunke (dark beer), Pikantus (with a slightly spicy touch) and Alcoholfrei (non-alcoholic beer) all conjugate the latest technology with authentic German brewing tradition to make top of the range products.

      A special Belgian blonde beer with an intense flavour and aroma. At 8.5% alcohol content, it is natural and slightly bitter. Duvel is one of the most well-known and loved beers in Belgium.

      Vedett is a Belgian beer with a somewhat different attitude. Vedett Extra White is meant to be cloudy and that is why it’s hard to see through it, but it can be enjoyed with all the other senses! Refreshing citrus aromas with hints of coriander, a smooth texture, and a grainy and honey-like finish. All that remains is to listen to the sound of the bottle opening!

      Peroni Nastro Azzurro is the Italian Premium beer that is made using Italian creativity and flair, mixing the best hops with barley and a quarter of Italian maize that produces the unique crisp and refreshing Italian taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro.

      Belgian beer made in Antwerp since 1833. Reddish amber colour and fine white froth, its traditional malt flavour is appreciated by beer lovers around the world.

      The Dutch beer, Grolsch, is proud about maintaining the bottom fermenting method, carefully selected products and the natural maturing process of a 300-year old tradition. Inside its trademark green bottle you?ll find Grolsch Premium Lager, 5%Alc.Vol or non-alcoholic Premium Quality.

      Located in the heart of the verdant Belgian Ardennes, ACHOUFFE is characterised for creating special top quality beers. Its story begins at the end of the 1970’s when two brothers-in-law, Pierre Gobron and Chris Bauweraerts, decided to create their own beer, in their own brewery. Little by little, the little dwarves at Achouffe wanted to explore other lands, and their Dutch cousins were the first to offer them a warm welcome. Today, Achouffe beers are served in over 40 countries around the world. They have also, year after year, won coveted international awards, in recognition of their unique taste. A great source of pride for all the little dwarves and the whole Achouffe team!

      Liefmans Fruitesse is a mixed fermentation Belgian beer, of a dark red colour and sweet fruits of the forest aroma. Fresh and light, it?s perfect as an aperitif.

      A typical Belgian abbey ale that is both elegant and fresh. Maredsous Blonde has a fruity bouquet and 6% alcohol content, while Maredsous Brune, with its hint of caramel, has 8% alcohol content. Maredous Tripel, which has a citrusy bouquet and floral notes, has an alcohol content of 10%.

      Miller Genuine Draft is an American lager. Made through an innovative cold filter process and unpasteurized, which makes it a bottled draft beer. 4.7%Alc.Vol, light and very refreshing.

      Founded in 1996, the brewery is located in Carlow, in the heart of Ireland. The family brewery blends traditional beer making techniques and recipes with as many ingredients from the local area as possible, with the experience of its team to produce a range of full bodied beers, full of flavour and aroma. Currently, O´HARA´S is present throughout Ireland and in over 20 countries around the world.

      "It is passion for the art of beer along with the desire to produce high quality beers and to preserve our heritage, tastes that are true to the Irish tradition, that continue to inspire and drive our team at Carlow Brewing Company".

      The Dominio de Pingus winery is a craft winery of D.O. Ribera del Duero, which produces some of most prized wines in the world, among which can be found Flor de Pingus, PSI and Pingus.

      The Belondrade winery, founded in 1994, transfers Burgundy techniques to the verdejo grape under the D.O. Rueda. We distribute Belondrade and Lurton wines.

      A white D.O. Rías Baixas wine, half-bodied, with a good level of acidity, fresh, with enough fruit and a discrete finish.

      D.O. Ribeiro white wine, exquisite combination of floral and fruity aromas, made with selected autochthonous grape varieties such as Treixadura and Torrentes.

      TLocated in La Rioja, the Marqués de Murrieta winery makes the following wines: Marqués de Murrieta 2010, Dalmau 2011, Castillo Ygay 2007, Capellanía 2010 and La Comtesse. It also has a winery in the Rías Baixas region, which produces Pazo de Barrantes wines.

      Refreshing concentrated lime drink, perfect for making cocktails.

      Granbazán Verde, Ámbar y Limousin
      The Granbazán Winery, located on the Tremoedo (Vilanova de Arousa) farmlands, offers the following products: Granbazán Verde, Granbazán Ámbar and Granbazán Limousin.

      San Clodio 2014
      Pale yellow in colour, with greenish highlights, and of medium intensity. Fruity, complex, with an ample aroma that shows its age. Its nose is characterised by the main varietal (Treixadura) and contains notes of secondary varietals. The mouthfeel is broad, at once dry but soft, full, sweet and fruity, with a pleasant aftertaste. Balanced and harmonious. It is anticipated that it will age well. Three weeks with moderate pumping

      Numanthia y Termanthia
      Founded in 1998 by the Eguren family, Numanthia-Termes is located in the village of Valdefinjas, in the province of Zamora. It boasts 49 hectares of vineyards in the municipalities of Valdefinjas and Toro, with Tinta de Toro strains that date back 70 to 100 years.

      La Fleur de Rocheyron y Chateu Rocheyron.
      Wines produced with Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes. La Fleur de Rocheyron is characterised by its elegant style and hint of dried fruits. Le Châteu de Rocheyron is created through a low-temperature winemaking process with gentle extraction, in controlled-temperature concrete storage tanks that are incubated for three weeks, with moderate pumping.

      Champagne Moët
      The secret behind Moët & Chandon lies is in the “assemblage”, that is, in the art of selecting, combining, and interlacing flavours and aromas to create unique pieces that are exquisite on the palate and have obtained international recognition

      Champagne Veuve Clicquot
      In the world of champagne, party and pleasure wine, Madame Clicquot knew just how to secure a distinguished spot for itself. Since the 19th century, it has been the “Grande Dame” of champagnes, thanks to its motto, “one quality only... the finest”.

      Dom Pèrignon
      In champagne history there is a before and an after Dom Pérignon. Dom Pierre Pérignon was a monk who devoted his life at the Benedictine monastery of Hautvillers to pursuing his dream of “creating the best wine in the world”. Legend has it that the day he achieved his mission, he exclaimed, with great surprise, “I am tasting the stars!” He had just discovered a beverage so delicate that its fame spread quickly through the entire kingdom, ultimately reaching the court of King Louis XIV in Versailles.

      Founded in 1729, Ruinart is the oldest house of champagne. It is known for its fine, golden, fruity bubbles that are the result of favouring the Chardonnay grape in all of its wines.

      Joseph Krug, a true devotee to his work, brought the art of traditional champagne assemblage beyond the conventionalisms of the 19th century. He founded the first luxury champagne house in France’s Champagne region; since 1843, this institution has been an integral part of this unique area’s heritage.

  • International Distribution

    Balearic Beverages Distribution Inc.


    • Company name: Balearic Beverage Distrib. Inc.
    • Main Office: 8394 Units E&F Terminal Road-Lorton, 220791422 Virginia, Estados Unidos
    • Start of Activity: 2012
    • Telephone: 0017035503993
    • Web:
    Balearic  Beverages Distribution Inc.

    Balearic Beverage is the importer and distributor of the company’s product portfolio in the USA. With headquarters in Virgina, Balearic Beverage became part of the company in 2012. This acquisition was a great step in the development of the company and our brands in the US market, where we have been present, with our drinks, since the 90’s.

    Estrella Galicia do Brasil


    • Company name: Estrella De Galicia Importação e Comercialização de Bebidas e Alimentos Ltda.
    • Main Office: Rua Oscar Freire, 2250, salas Garden 1,2 e 3 - São Paulo, SP - Cep-05409-011
    • Start of Activity: 2011
    • Telephone: +55 11 2368-5876 – 2368-5877
    • Web:
    strella  Galicia do Brasil

    Estrella Galicia do Brasil is Hijos de Rivera’s own importing and distribution company in the Brazilian market. Established in 2011 and located in the Brazilian capital, Sao Paolo, the company’s team is led by its Managing Director, Fabio Rodrigues.

    Rivera Europe Trading Co. S.L.


    Rivera Europe Trading

    Rivera Europe Trading Company S.L. is a beverage distribution company, established with a clear international vision. Its product portfolio is present in over 35 countries on five continents, and it has established business models in target countries with the objective of achieving proximity to the client and market adaptation, as is the case of the companies established in Shanghai (Rivera Shanghai), Manila (Bares & Estrellas), Tokyo (Rivera Japan) and the United States (Balearic Beverage).

    Rivera Business Trade (Shanghai) CO., Ltd


    • Company name: Rivera Business Trade (Shangai) CO., Ltd
    • Main Office: RM. 304 BUILDING 2 NO. 508 JIA SHAN RD, 200031 SHANGHAI, CHINA
    • Start of Activity: 2010
    • Telephone: +86 21 5466 3969
    • Web:
    Rivera Business Trade (Shanghai)

    Rivera Business Trade is the company’s subsidiary in Shanghai (China). The society was established in 2010, coinciding with the Universal Exhibition in Shanghai (Expo 2010), the international event at which Hijos de Rivera had the exclusive supply rights for the Spanish pavilion. Our products were present within a gastronomy frame, at the Expo, a sector which is increasingly important in Spain nowadays.

    Bares & Estrellas


    • Company name: Bares & Estrellas Food Services S.L.
    • Main Office: C/ B1 700 Lerma Street Brgy. Old Zaniga, Mandaluyong City Philippines 1550
    • Telephone: (+632) 654-9235 to 37
    • Contact:
    • Web:
    Bares & Estrellas

    A Philippine company linked to the import and distribution of wines and beers on this island in Southeast Asia, and with a notable presence in the catering sector. It owns six restaurants of the same name throughout the country. Corporacion Hijos de Rivera has been a majority shareholder of Bares & Estrellas since 2009.

Further information

Corporate websites